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All of our guidebooks and picture books are processed and shipped through the University of Arkansas Press. To see more info or place an order click on any book (or blue button) below to be directed to the corresponding link on the secure UA Press online store. (or call 800-621-2736). You can also find our publicatios at your local bookstore, outdoor store, park visitor center, and many gift shops.

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I HIKE ARKANSAS patch Show the world where you like to hike with this new cloth "I Hike Arkansas" patch. Actual size is 3" x 3.5". Sew on any fabric.

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Retail Price: $5.00 (includes shipping and tax - disregard these in the shopping cart - you will only be charged $5 total per patch). These are available at our gallery.


NEW OZARK HIGHLANDS TRAIL GUIDE #7e available as an ebook NOW! (paperback will come later in January)


We have a brand new edition of the Ozark Highlands Trail Guidebook (#7, screech owl on cover, paperback version will be $19.95), completed and being printed in Chicago that will be available sometime in January, 2022. This expanded edition includes the newest 43.7 miles of trail (aka the Buffalo River Trail, downstream sections from Woolum to Dillards Ferry/Hwy. 14). This means there is now 207.6 miles of continuous trail from Lake Ft. Smith State Park to Dillards Ferry/Hwy. 14 - YIPPIE!

We also have this newest edition available as an ebook NOW on Amazon (read on the free Kindle app available for most mobile devices and computers), and on Barnes & Noble (read on the free Nook app available for most mobile devices and some computers). INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR EITHER E-BOOK IS $9.95!.

*At the moment we recommend the Kindle version because the formatting and hot links seem to all be correct and everything looks GREAT! The Nook version may not format perfectly on some devices - our epub original file for both is fine, but the Nook version has some extra blank spaces and pages on our phones - all the data is the same on either version. We may have this available on Apple Books one day but not yet.

Besides the three new sections of the OHT, each with maps, elevations profiles, mileage tables, and complete hiking descriptions, you not only get GPS coordinates for all trailheads and many important points along the trail, but also HOT LINKS FOR TRAILHEADS - this means one click will brring up the trailhead location on Google maps and you can get directions to it from your location!


The Search For Haley E-book on Amazon - click here



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