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OZARK HIGHLANDS TRAIL MAPS - WEST, EAST, and NORTH maps. These new maps each cover about half of the OHT in Arkansas. The WEST map covers from Lake Ft. Smith State Park (mile 0.0) to Ozone (mile 85.1). The EAST map covers from Ozone (mile 85.1) to Woolum (mile 164) on the Buffalo River. The newest NORTH map covers from Woolum (mile 164) to Hwy. 14/Dillard's Ferry along the Buffalo River (mile 206.5), plus the Sylamore Section of the OHT (mile 220.5 to 253).

Also included no the new NORTH map are the Buffalo River Trail from Woolum to Hwy. 14/Dillards Ferry, and both the North Sylamore Creek Trail and Sylamo Mountain Bike Trail.

Each map is printed in four colors on waterproof, tearproof plastic. There is no descriptive text on the maps, but there are lots of details along the route, including scenic areas nearby the trail. (For a mile-by-mile hiking description of the OHT, order the "Bible" - the OHT Guidebook below.)

Each map is 38" x 26", folded size is 4 1/8" X 9.25", $14.95

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OZARK HIGHLANDS TRAIL GUIDE This is the bible for OHT hikers. There is a complete mile-by-mile description of this 165-mile trail, which has been rated as one of the Top-Ten hiking trails in the United States. The book has eight maps and elevation profiles, nine mileage logs, information on campgrounds, trailhead parking areas, hunting and fishing, scenic spots, historical features, a month-by-month weather guide, plus lots of info that you'll need to hike this wonderful trail. Now includes separate maps and complete descriptions of five connecting trails too, PLUS a map and complete description of the newest section of the OHT - the Sylamore Section, a 31-mile stretch that was constructed in early 2003. The foreword was written by former Senator Dale Bumpers. The book itself was written by Tim Ernst, who has been involved with the trail project since its beginning.

136 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Plastic laminated cover and notch bound for durability, $19.95 ISBN 1-882906-39-X.

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