LITTLE BLUFF JOURNAL - JULY 2019 (previous months)


Little Bluff remote cabin cam July 20 - we got out and did a wildflower run yesterday up to Crested Butte and Gothic...

JOURNAL UPDATED on the 13th - just a quick note from this morning, but I'm working on the past week and will try and get all of that uploaded sometime in the next week...

07/01/19 We had one of the very best nighttime photo workshops ever last night. Perfect skies for five different locations, and no one fell asleep! Kinda funny because as we began the classroom session at 7pm it began to rain. But there were giggles at every stop as amazing photos popped up on everyone's camera LCD screen. By 3am we were standing in a cemetery shooting the bright Galactic Core of the Milky Way as it sunk into the little white country church in Boxley that was shining white up into the night.

I got home and napped for several hours this morning before we got notice that our new 2020 Arkansas scenic wall calendar was waiting for us at the FedX Freight terminal in Harrison, so I loaded up my bride and transferred to her dad's pickup and collected a large pallet that weighted more than a half ton. The printing industry has been going through some major changes this past year and these new calendars were printed by a new company to us. I just had to stop along the way home and tear open one of the boxes to look, holding my breath. And they were BEAUTIFUL!!!! Perhaps the very best calendar we've ever produced! I think you're gonna like 'em. (2020 Arkansas scenic wall calendars now shipping)

We got them home to our book warehouse and fired up the old forklift and unloaded the pallet inside the building, and they are NOW ready for shipping. We expect to have the 2020 scenic engagement calendar available by the end of July (being done by yet another new printer), and then our new ARKANSAS SPLENDOR picture book should arrive by the end of August. They actually already printed those books last week, but someone at the printing company decided to make a decision to change something on their own, and guess what - they are having to print the entire book over again at their expense - oh my! All of these new products will be bundled together at a significant discount and available as our HOLIDAY SPECIAL probably around September 1st - in the meantime you can order the new wall calendar right now for shipment tomorrow.


I returned to the bed for three more hours of sleep this afternoon and am now getting ready for the next nighttime workshop that will be here in about an hour. We'll .e out shooting until 3-4am and then I can come home and sleep as long as I want - I'll be done with workshops until October! Hope you had grand June and are looking forward to a wonderful July!

07/02/19 It feels kinda weird to be sitting here at the cabin tonight, looking out the window at Jupiter instead of packing up camera gear and getting ready to head out to shoot all night. It's the first night in a while that I've not worried about how clear it is, and where I'm headed to take Milky Way photos. I just asked my bride was it really THIS morning I was out until 3am with our workshop folks, standing in the cemetery in Boxley valley? Seemed like forever ago. The second workshop was as good as the first, with "iffy" clouds and forecast at first, but it all turned out beautiful and the students got impressive results. I didn't take a single picture.

I always love being outside at night under the stars, with or without students. The stress of worrying about the weather and other conditions for workshops always gets me down though. But we're done with nighttime photos for the year. On to the next thing...


Woodland sunflowers are popping up all over the place

07/08/19 this is the view from our parking spot this morning (below). We are in New Mexico inside the Valles Caldera National Preserve. For LONGMIRE TV show fans, that red dot is Walt's cabin, where much of the series was filmed. I'll be standing on the front porch in about an hour...


Here's Walt's cabin, and the view from the front porch...



07/09/18 We're camped in a beautiful forest of towering ponderosa pines, and wildflower meadows that Wilson just loves!



07/10/19 we made it to our little campsite in Colorado yesterday where we were greeted by this giant wild iris - first time we've seen them in bloom here. Lots of lupine and other wildflowers too. The great SUPERBLOOM of 2019 has not started in the high country yet.



07/11/19 Flowers and hikes were the order of the day...




Our short, narrow driveway to the campsite is lined with wild rose bushes and the aroma is quite intense - ahhhhh! (above). Roses above our campsite too - such sweet air... (below)


07/13/19 It's 5:02am this morning and there is a western tanager that just started singing at the top of his lungs right outside in one of the aspen trees! We've seen him a couple of times, but this is the first time he has been up to greet us at dawn. Sounds almost exactly like our summer tanager friend back at Little Bluff. There is an orange glow in the northeast over the "Cristo" mountains above the Great Sand Dunes, with a few lazy clouds floating above. I've been up for about an hour and spent a little bit of time wandering around in the darkness - SO quiet and peaceful here, and so dark. The bright part of the Milky Way had already set behind the ridge next to us, but there were still a zillion stars twinkling.

HEY, there are TWO tanagers singing now - "get up, get up get out of bed you sleepy heads!" We have a big day planned that will include an early run downstream to Alamosa for a major grocery shopping trip, a stop by the plumbing supply store to hopefully buy a $65 brass fitting that will be part of the fix for our broken water line at the campsite, then we are off to an art show somewhere up in the hills of the Rocky Mountains just north of the New Mexico border (about two hour drive).

A beautiful sunrise today, and there seemed to have been a LYNX join the tanagers in the morning chorus - I wonder if that is who has been visiting our campsite during the night? We've seen and heard him before. HAPPY SATURDAY!


07/14/19 A quiet and peaceful dawn...


0716/19 Twin Peaks and historic cabin at dawn, Twin Lakes, Colorado (at the base of Mt. Elbert, the tallest peak in Colorado - not in this view though)


07/17/19 My lovely bride working on a watercolor panoramic along the base of the continental divide above Twin Lakes, CO (and the overall scene panoramic from my cell phone)...



07/18/19 (we're back at our normal campsite) We saw this "sun pillar" early this morning - it is a "vertical shaft of light extending upward or downward from the sun. Typically seen during sunrise or sunset, sun pillars form when sunlight reflects off the surfaces of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds (like cirrostratus clouds)."


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