Cloudland Cabin Cam July 3 - lovely this morning!

07/01/15 - Another colorful moonset early this morning, although it was much brighter due to there being less forest fire smoke from Canada in the air than yesterday. Kind of warm and muggy. The entire family made a quick fitness hike out to the main road and back - didn't see a single critter!


07/03/15 Not much weather overnight, but we got to see some very interesting weather from the back deck yesterday evening. We stood and watched a number of dark, intense cloud formations moving across in front of us, some with obvious rotation. A number of them tried their best to form funnel clouds, some dropping down into the Buffalo River canyon about two miles upstream from our cabin. Dozens of them formed a little bit, dropped down out of the main cloud bank, then rose back up again. None of them got organized enough to cause any damage, but it sure was fun watching them!

I remain in lock-down book mode, and won't be going anywhere until I'm done - there will be some fireworks here when that happens! In the mean time we hope all of you have a great and safe holiday weekend!

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