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Little Bluff cabin cam December 13 - Mia found some pine cones on our early, chilly hike at dawn



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12/01/19 It was a very musical night with winds that howled, whistled, crash-bang-boom, creek. But there were no storms - mostly clear skies and stars. At dawn this morning the gale continued, and had blown in lines of dark clouds that stretched to the horizon and beyond, all moving right-to-left. The clouds are still all gray right now just before sunrise, but I'm hoping there will be a brilliant splash of color to light them up and begin a new month in good order.

Seemed to me that November was a very long, tough month that was slow to end. Perhaps it's because to me in relation December is really only 17 days this year, and those days are counted by the slide programs we'll be doing - the last one being on December 17th. Between now and then we'll have quite a travel schedule, beginning here in a couple of hours as we make our annual trek to the Fayetteville library. On Thursday this week we'll begin the longest and most challenging slide show marathon we've ever attempted (both mentally and physically) - six programs in six different towns in six days (actually eight shows since two of those are doubles - two shows each at two locations). I've been trying to line them up in my head, let's see if I can remember -

Russellville, Springfield (2), Bentonville, Mountain Home (2), Clarksville, and Ft. Smith - YIPPIE we made it! No wait, we'll still have Little Rock and Dover after that, but those should be a piece of cake! I'm looking forward to the challenge, and to seeing everyone at the shows. Ask lots of questions please! (Good thing that our cousin Joseph will be here for that week to keep the pups busy and look after things at the cabin while we're on the road - but he'll have to move over at night since we'll be coming home each night to rest for a few hours, process and package orders, and restock everything.)

Those gray clouds did light up just now, and I realized the wind chill was in the teens or below when I dashed outside to take a picture - wearing only a loose bath robe that blew up to expose, well, you know... It was REFRESHING!

Back to December...



12/05/19 Today we began our "eight shows in six towns in six days" slide program marathon/sprint. We've only ever done two in a row before. First stop, Russellville. It's always one of the very best locations, number and quality of people, and GIANT cookies. This year was no different, except there were a lot less people - there was both the town Christmas Parade and a speech by Sarah Sanders Huckabee going on at the same time close by, but the cookies were a pretty big draw and we had a nice crowd of friendly folks! We got home just before midnight and laid our tired puppies down to rest.

12/06/19 I was up before dawn and working in the gallery to reprint the Black Mat Prints we had sold in Russellville, then assembled them got all packed into the book mobile. My bride showed up about daylight to get her chores done, including counting books we'd sold, restocking all of them into the bookmobile, and processing all of the online orders from the day and night before, then packing all of that up. And then we headed north, to the Nature Center in Springfield, MO for two shows (5 & 7pm). We always LOVE going to Springfield - great facility and even better folks attending. And this is normally our largest show of the year with both shows combined. We ended up with about 260 folks, INCLUDING our daughter, Amber - it was so great to see her smiling face, as always!

As we drove home through the night we were gut-punched with the terrible news that one of the brightest angels on the planet had been taken away without notice - Stacey Wheeler (wife of our Sheriff, Glenn), collapsed at home and died. She was young, full of life and love and spirit, and had always been a driving force and partner to Sheriff Glenn - I don't know how he or the county is going to cope. It feels like we're in a vacuum right now...


STACEY YEAGER WHEELER. Successful young woman, incredible mom, the driving force behind her husband (our Sheriff). We mourn a tragic loss to the world. R.I.P. dear soul...

It was another midnight arrival back home for us, and we managed to dodge all the deer.

12/07/19 We were both up early and back to work again and headed out the door at 9am towards the library in Bentonville. It's another one of our favorite places to give programs, and today the house was packed with smiling faces and lots of great questions - you know I LOVE questions! We arrived back home after the show about dark and are winding down a bit before starting the recycling process of getting ready to head to Mountain Home tomorrow morning for two shows at the library. I'm looking forward to hiking up to the gallery in the dark and stretching my legs a bit.

So far, three days and all is good.

And on a somewhat humorous note, Pam selected the audio book Shipwreck At The Bottom Of The World, which detailed the harrowing and incredible disaster and survival of the Endurance wreck and 18-month ordeal of her crew (all survived). I'd read the book years ago and it was great to hear it as we drove through the night. The sorts of things all the crew members lived through each day kinda put our little marathon voyage this week into perspective - a walk in the park for us.

Mountain Home, Clarksville, Ft. Smith, then a breather...




12/10/19 We made it home late last night from Clarksville and managed to miss all the deer. I'm running down, but only have one more show in this stretch - an even later night tonight from Ft. Smith. I've been fueled by five days of Casey's pizza and mocha iced coffee (not very healthy!). Tonight I'll need a little more punch to get us home since the late drive will be an hour longer. Tomorrow we'll start to get setup for our Gallery Open House this Saturday, and say goodbye to Stacey....

12/11/19 Turns out there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and it was a BRILLIANT sunrise this morning! We got home about midnight for the last of six road trips and programs to six different towns (and back home each night) in six days. Two shows left on our schedule before Christmas, plus our open houses at the gallery the next two Saturdays... THANKS TO ALL who came to Ft. Smith last night!


12/12/19 - a sky-full of COLOR at dawn!


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