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Cloudland Publishing includes books by Tim Ernst, Pam Ernst, Don Kurz, Ray Scott, and Glenn Wheeler. All of our titles are in stock and available direct to dealers at wholesale. (We do not distrubute through Ingram.) There is no minimum order, although the discount does not kick in until the second book.

DEALER TERMS. Normal dealer discounts will apply to regular dealers (40% discount), no minimum order required, and 30 days EOM. The discount does not kick in until the second book - i.e. if you just order one book there is no discount, if you order two or more books of any combination your normal discounts will apply to the entire order, plus actual UPS shipping cost. Past due accounts must be paid in full (including late fees) before any new orders will be shipped. Some dealer terms may vary - e-mail to discuss this if required. We also now stock a number of guidebooks published by other companies and can offer these to our dealers at a 30% discount (see the list of titles available below). CREDIT CARD NOTE: We can accept payment via credit card but your discount will reflect the 3% fee that the credit card company charges us - so your discount would be 37% or 27% if you use a credit card. We will invoice you and will expect payment via check unless you tell us otherwise.

PLACING ORDERS. The best way for you to place an order is to e-mail - this way we can reply to your e-mail with confirmation and any questions. You may also fax your order to 888-334-7086. Or give us a call at 870-861-5536 with any questions.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE AND SHIPPING CHARGES. Your order will be processed and shipped right away, normally within two business days. Deliveries to Arkansas addresses often arrive within a day or two. The cost of shipping your order will be added to the invoice, caclulated using the actual size and weight of your package via the UPS online calculator. All products leave our warehouse in new condition - if you receive damaged books you need to contact us ASAP so that we can submit a damage claim to UPS. (we do not sell damaged, factory seconds, or shop-worn products)

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF PICTURE BOOKS. All copies of Tim Ernst picture books ordered direct will be autographed. Personalized autographed copies are available as well, however these are not returnable.

ALL SALES ARE GUARANTEED. All of our books, calendars, and prints are guaranteed. There is absolutely no risk to you! If you order a supply of items and they don't sell within 12 months, simply return them (in new, unused condition, without stickers) for full credit or refund.This applies to current titles only. We are happy to exchange any older titles with newer updated versions (in the case of guidebooks), provided this is done within 30 days of the new edition becoming available (you would be charged the difference in price if any, plus shipping).

OTHER PUBLICATIONS. We do offer a few titles from other publishers besides Cloudland at a reduced wholesale price to our dealers (30% discount) NOTE that not all the items we have for sale on our web site are available to dealers at these discounted prices!


PICTURE BOOKS (*all others are out of print and no longer available)

Arkansas Beauty picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $34.95, ISBN 9781882906918

Arkansas : In My Own Backyard picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $34.95, ISBN 9781882906888

A Rare Quality Of Light picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $39.95, ISBN 9781882906857

Arkansas Nightscapes picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $34.95, ISBN 9781882906826

Buffalo River Beauty picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $34.95, ISBN 9781882906772

Arkansas Landscapes II picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $34.95, ISBN 9781882906765

Arkansas Waterfalls picture book picture book by Tim Ernst, retail price $29.95, ISBN 9781882906611

Natural Inspiration by picture book Ray Scott, retail price $19.95, ISBN 1–882906–54–3


Arkansas Nature Lover's guidebook by Tim Ernst, retail price $22.95, $19.95, ISBN 1–882906–58–6

Arkansas Hiking Trails by Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, $19.95, ISBN 1–882906–12–8

Arkansas Waterfalls guidebook by Tim Ernst, retail price $22.95, ISBN 9781882906489

Buffalo River Hiking Trails guidebook by Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, ISBN 9781882906406

Ozark Highlands Trail guidebook by Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, ISBN 9781882906949 new #6 edition now shipping

Ouachita Trail guidebook by Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, $19.95 each, ISBN 9781882906437

Arkansas Dayhikes for Kids and Families by Pam and Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, $19.95, ISBN 9781882906680

Swimming Holes of the Ozarks by Glenn Wheeler, retail price $19.95, ISBN 1–882906–51–9

Arkansas Wildflowers guidebook by Don Kurz, retail price $22.95, ISBN 9781882906710

Illinois Wildflowers guidebook by Don Kurz, retail price $22.95, ISBN 1–882906–53–5

Missouri's Natural Wonders Guidebook by Don Kurz, retail price $22.95, ISBN 9781882906697


• 2019 Arkansas scenic wall calendar by Tim Ernst, retail price $14.95, ISBN 9781882906925

2019 Arkansas scenic engagement calendar by Tim Ernst, retail price $19.95, ISBN 9781882906932

Cloudland Journal ~ Book One by Tim Ernst, retail price $9.95, ISBN 9781882906659

I HIKE ARKANSAS cloth patch, retail price $5 (now shipping)

• FINE ART PRINTS ON PAPER OR CANVAS. We offer our full line of fine art prints by Tim Ernst on traditional photographic paper or gallery-stretched canvas. NOTE: dealer discount is based on the full normal retail price of these prints - any special print prices that we offer to our retail customers do not apply to dealers - example - the Print Of The Month is priced to our retail customers at $39.95 for the print only, but your discounted price would be 40% off of the normal 11x14 print price of $59.95.


Arkansas Butterflies & Moths by Lori Spencer - 2nd edition (Ozark Society), retail price $29.95

Scenic Routes & Byways the Ozarks by Don Kurz - 2nd edition (Falcon Press), retail price $19.95, ISBN 978-0-7627-8652-7

Ozark Wildflowers by Don Kurz - 2nd Edition (Falcon Press), OUT OF PRINT and no longer available

Buffalo River Handbook #2 by Ken Smith (Ozark Society Books), retail price $29.95, NEW 2ND EDITION NOW SHIPPING!

Buffalo National River Canoe Guide (Ozark Society Books), retail price $9.95,ISBN: 0-912456-24-8 

• Autumn Leaves & Winter Berries by Carl Hunter, paperback (Ozark Society Books), retail price $14.95

• Trails Illustrated Buffalo River maps, East and West (National Geographic), retail price each $11.95

Ozark Highlands Trail maps, East and West (Underwood Graphics/OHTA), retail price each $14.95

Ouachita Trail Maps, 3 maps - Western/Central/Eastern (Underwood Graphics), retail each $14.95 (new - in stock)

• Ozark Society wilderness topo maps for the following Arkansas wilderness areas - Upper Buffalo, Leatherwood, East Fork, Richland Creek, and Hurricane Creek - retail price each $9.95