TREES, SHRUBS, & WOODY VINES OF ARKANSAS (Published by the Ozark Society, 2021)

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This attractive, heavily illustrated field guide is the most comprehensive accounting of the woody plants of Arkansas ever published.  The book will be a valuable companion for all who appreciate Arkansas flora in rural, urban, and wilderness areas. You will want to have a copy in your backpack as well as on your bookshelf. P. Allen Smith says,  "This is a colossal body of work that will inform and benefit many, enthusiasts and professionals alike, for decades to come." Dr. Gary Tucker says, "What a great job you guys have done on the book. A much-needed publication that is well written..."

Features of the guide include:

• Species accounts for nearly all the trees, shrubs, and woody vines of the state, including common and scientific names, descriptions, habitats, and distributions, as well as notes on current and potential species of conservation concern, introduced and invasive species, wildlife and human uses, history, and ecology

• More than 1,500 color photographs highlighting important characters for identification

• County-level distribution maps

• Detailed sections on eco-regions and habitats of Arkansas as they relate to the woody flora

• Visual key to aid in quickly identifying a plant to genus

• Dichotomous keys for the 32 largest genera including the oaks, hickories, and hawthorns

• Full glossary of technical terms featuring botanical drawings

• Complete index of scientific and common names

A field guide designed for outdoor use, “Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Arkansas” is an encyclopedic resource for identification and appreciation of the state’s trees, shrubs, and woody vines. The book will appeal to educators, scientists, conservation professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Foreword by P. Allen Smith.

ISBN:   978-0-912456-00-3, 536 pages, paperback, $29.99 JANUARY 2021

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