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"Don Kurz has devised a guide book that is complete and is totally user-friendly. The genius of the book is its simplicity. You don't have to be an amateur botanist to use the book -- it's color-coded. If you see a red flower, you turn to the red section of the book. If it is spring, the flower in question will be at the beginning of the red section. If it is fall, the flower will be at the end of the red section. Grouping by color and chronological appearance actually makes it possible for a person to identify the flower. There is more to the book than ease of use. The book is filled with clear, sharp color photographs of the different flowers. All the photography was done by Kurz." - The Associated Press

ILLINOIS WILDFLOWERS This is the definitive guide to the wildflowers of Illinois, written by expert Don Kurz. The flowers are grouped by color and season of bloom, with corresponding color tabs on each page to quickly locate the flower in question. Don has been a professional botanist, writer, and nature photographer for more than 30 years. His incredible flower photos throughout the book are worth the cover price alone! Published by Cloudland Publishing.

256 pages, 429 color photos, 6"x 9". $22.95 ISBN 1–882906–53–5

Retail Price: $22.95

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